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    Mayr Saftey Breaks


    The robust, cost effective motor brake.
  • Maintenance free (no re-adjustments necessary)
  • Easy installation
  • Completely enclosed brake housing in Protection IP54 or IP65
  • Insulation material class F
  • Can be used for 100% duty cycle
  • Short switching times

  • Designs:
  • ROBA-stop-M standard brake
  • As a working brake, this brake brakes during motion and positions itself at the required point.
  • ROBA-stop-M holding brake
  • Holds drives safely in position during downtimes and brakes during motion on EMERGENCY STOP.

  • ROBA Stop M

    ROBA-topstop with shaft design

    Modular safety brake system for A bearing side servomotor attachment.
  • Secure holding of the axis in any position, even with de-installed servomotor, for example during machine maintenance
  • The perfect brake system for vertical axes and for handling large weights
  • Long service lifetime, even with frequent EMERGENCY STOP braking actions
  • Monitoring of the operating condition via integrated switch
  • Short, compact design
  • Low dead weight
  • Low self heating, even at 100% duty cycle

  • ROBA Top Stop


    Holding brake
  • Reliable device for clamping and holding high
  • High performance density
  • Suitable for EMERGENCY STOP braking actions
  • Closed spring loaded
  • Opened pneumatically, hydraulically or electromagnetically
  • Integrated switching condition monitoring possible
  • Clearing the clamp is not necessary

  • Nominal holding force (hydraulic): 10 to 50kN
  • Nominal holding force (pneumatic): 0.5 to 40kN
  • Nominal holding force (electrical): 0.18 to 17.5kN

  • ROBA Linear Stop


    The quietest safety brake for elevator and stage drives.
  • Dual circuit brake as redundant brake system with very short constructional length
  • Installation of micro switches for function monitoring possible
  • Simplest possible installation
  • No air gap adjustment necessary
  • Consistently low noise level for several hundred thousand switching actions

  • ROBA Sop Silenzio


    Waterproof, robust monoblock brake.
  • Completely enclosed and sealed design in Protection IP67
  • Robust, one piece monoblock housing
  • All components are corrosion resistant
  • High friction work permitted
  • Can be used in extreme ambient conditions
  • Remote diagnosis due to integration of release and wear monitoring
  • Anti-condensation heating to prevent condensate precipitation in the brake interior

  • ROBA Stop S


    Multi-function all-round safety brake.
  • Sensitive braking torque adjustment
  • Easy wear re-adjustment
  • Designs as positioning brake, holding brake, tacho brake and peak load brake
  • Enclosed design
  • Easy installation
  • Insulation material class F
  • Can be used for 100 % duty cycle
  • Short switching times

  • ROBA Stop U


    Safety brake for servomotors.
  • Extremely low mass moment of inertia
  • Easy and safe installation without complicated and time consuming adjustment work
  • Resistant against voltage fluctuations
  • Resistant against temperature expansion; can also be used B bearing side without restrictions
  • High permitted friction work

  • ROBA ServoStop